Body Image and Thoughts: Stop the Stinking Thinking!

I had a professor who once said, “Trying to control your mind is like trying to control a room full of drunken monkeys.”  When it comes to your own body image, I bet you understand.  How often have you had negative thoughts  such as:

  • What size of clothes does that person wear?  She’s probably a size ____.
  • What have I eaten so far today?  What will I eat tomorrow?  (Obsessing about food.)
  • I hate my ______.  (Fill in the blank with waist, fanny, etc.)
  • Is that person skinnier than me?

First of all, it’s not a good idea to hang out in your head.  It’s a jungle in there!  Often it leads to envy, despair, and other types of stinkin’ thinking’, as the twelve step programs say.  But you are a unique masterpiece, created by a loving God.  He created you for other purposes besides obsessing about your fanny.  Who knew?

Try this:  The next time you have a negative body image thought, picture a huge stop sign.  Think of yelling, “STOP!”  Then ask the Lord to redirect your thinking.  If you force yourself to do this it will become a habit.  After all, you have a much greater calling than obsessing about food, fat, and your fanny.

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