Hair: Sometimes You Just Need a New Crop

If you’re old enough, you may remember that the 1980’s were the Big Hair Days.  We used to backcomb our hair way up to the ceiling.  Then we sprayed it with sticky hair spray – about a can per washing. big hair family

Texas was the Big Hair State, and Texans had the special ability to tease their hair way up into the sky.  Hairspray

Ah…..those were the days.  (If you were not born at the time, stay tuned because fashions tend to repeat themselves every 25 years or so.  I know it’s a scary thing, but sooner or later big hair is coming back!)

In pre-revolutionary France, the trendy look was hair that reached six feet high and contained birds nests, fruit, and flowers.  No kidding.  Imagine strolling along the beach, and seagulls fighting over the cranberries in your hair.

You notice a supremely rotten smell, and realize it’s coming from the mid-section of your hair. You forgot to remove the pineapple and kiwi fruit from two weeks ago.  And you thought the eighties big hair was over the top!

Fresh Cut Fruit Tray

Actually, the seventies and eighties were my decades because I could “grow” from five feet two and a half

all the way to 5’10” just from my big hair

and platform shoes.       

Hairstyles will continue to come and go.  It’s God’s way of showing us he has a sense of humor.  Someday you’ll look back at your pictures from past years and think, “Oh my gosh!  Did I really wear my hair like that?!”

1950s hair

What would happen if we could totally grasp the concept that God cares much more about our heart than our hairstyles?  On the surface we probably get it, but maybe we could let it steep into our souls:

“Man looks at outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” I Samuel 16:7

I hope and pray that those words become tattooed onto our hearts, Tattoos

and that we can reclaim the plunder of the Body Image Bandit.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nicole says:

    ugh! hair was a huge component of my insecurities! i owe my current hair affection to kerastase products (oleo relax, specifically). but, since trying to discover “the real me,” i’ve been caring a little less and less . . . and loving the natural state of the big puff! 🙂 xo ~


  2. Nicole,
    I’ll have to look at those products. It’s interesting how the grass is always greener on the other side of the grass…but usually it’s astroturf! So people with straight hair want curly (when it’s in style, of course) and those with curly hair take great pains to straighten it. I’m so glad you’re caring less about your “shell” and realizing how beautiful you are on the inside too!

    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Cherrie


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