Stop Playing Diet-Binge Ping Pong!

How many times have you gone “on” a diet and then “off”? You know, that all-or-nothing thinking.

It’s also called black and white thinking.

Deep in your heart, you know that –


You’ll most likely lose the weight.

But you will eventually

gain it all back – plus more!

So- what can you do?

Sorry  – I’m not suggesting you quit your job, lie on your sofa and gorge yourself with chocolate chip cookie dough!


1. Admit that your issues with food and body image are really about

the pain you’ve experienced in your life story.

2. Begin to work on your heart that has been crying out by self-medicating with food or the control of it.

Then you will begin to work on the

real issues behind your self-medication.

After all, your crying heart is what pulled you into Diet-Binge Ping Pong.

Because food and body image issues are really

issues of the heart.



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