The Joke is Always on Me


Deep in the depths of my soul, I have no doubt God has my back. But every so often, I experience a day when I quiver inside in fear. A circumstance floats on top, casting a shadow of my firm belief that God is in control. Today was one of those days.

I turned to him, praying he would give me wisdom and graciously grant me hope. But even so, I couldn’t see it. The shadow drug behind me like a weight on my back. Even though sunshine spilled over the mountains, and Spring tulips smiled toward the heavens, I didn’t feel at peace.

Tonight I decided to take a walk. I changed into my tee shirt and sweats. And that’s when I noticed…

Once again – amidst the steep mountain peaks of this journey called life – I ended up wearing the shirt that says, “This girl knows God is in control.” Oddly enough, on the days when my life seems most out of control, I grab the shirt that’s toward the front. Although I never put it in exactly the same place, it ends up on my body. I end up wearing my faith on my heart. Literally.


This has happened so many times, I grin inside now when it happens. I bought the shirt at a Woman of Faith conference several years ago, and I think of writing to tell them how God uses it to remind me, “Yes, Cherrie, I do have your back. Even when it doesn’t seem like it.” I can almost picture Jesus winking at me.

God is always in control. Always – even when it doesn’t seem like it.~

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