The Fashion Police Chronicles – Oscars Style


“We’re more than just our dresses,” said Reese Witherspoon. Preach it, Reese!

Every year, after the Academy awards, the fashion police nitpick the female participants to pieces. A total meat market – fashionista style. I love fashion and design. For me, fashion invites be to express myself in art. If I had to choose a career outside the helping professions, it might be dress design. Or -drum roll please- shoe design. I mean shoe sales cause me to salivate. What’s not to like?! But the Fashion Police at the Academy Awards situation reinforces the pressure for women to be objects rather than glorious creations as God intended. The pressure of Academy Awards fashion police is over the top. Whether the attendees can voice it or not, the evaluation revolves around the beast called Shame. Comparison is the name of the game of the Academy Awards fashionista chronicles. I adore fashion, but this evaluation process has turned past the vortex of fun. Girls and women get steeped into the stew of comparison so much that the vast majority have body image issues. So I’m done with the process. Although the fashionista diva within me wants to evaluate and choose my favorite, I won’t play the game anymore. Goodbye, Fashion Police. I will miss you, but I don’t like what you represent. IMG_0673 IMG_0648 IMG_0673-0

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