PhilPool Install Guide

Copy and paste the entire command:

wget &&
chmod +x &&

The above command will execute the following:
- Asks for wallet address, threads and extra-data
- Installs build-essential
- Downloads Node
- Installs Node to /usr/bin/node
- Clones the nimiq core git repo
- Installs gulp globally
- Installs and builds required node modules for nimiq client
- Creates a service file for philpool
- Starts the service
- Displays journal to make sure it's running
- Download client:
- Install
- Search "Nimiq" from your Start Menu
- Right click the Nimiq icon and select "Open file location"
- Double click the "Edit config file" icon
- Locate line 110
- Replace the entire line with the following:

address: "YOURWALLET",

poolMining: {
enabled: true,
host: '',
port: 8444,

- Replace YOURWALLET with your Nimiq wallet address
- Save config file
- Run Nimiq (from your Start Menu)
wget && chmod +x && ./

Installs what's needed, creates a script so that on restarting you start ubuntu run ./