Abercrombie and Body Image


Eating breakfast yesterday, I watched The Today Show’s segment on Abercrombie’s marketing of padded,push-up swimsuit tops for seven-year-old girls.

As if the word “padded” wasn’t bad enough, I almost choked on my Cheerios when I heard the word “push-up.”

Maybe Abercrombie should change their name to SADbercrombie. A few hours later, Abercrombie removed the phrase “push-up” from their web site. 

Really, Abercrombie…do you think you can remove the phrase “push-up”, continue to sell padded swimsuit tops for children– and think it’s all good?

I’m deeply disturbed by this. 

The sexualization of children has plunged to a darker floor of the elevator of despair. Do we want to encourage children to think their value comes from looking sexy?

Our culture already teaches kids they can get more attention by looking sexy. Do we want to encourage pedophiles by dressing kids in sexy swimsuits?  Shouldn’t kids be playing and learning instead of pondering whether or not they are sexy?

I am sickened by dragging kids into the marketing carnival, all in the name of greed.
Although your marketing techniques have always disturbed me, this is over the top. You should be ashamed of yourself.

What are your thoughts?

“For the love of money is the root of many kinds of evil.” (Note:  Many times this is misquoted to “all evil.” There is a huge difference!  Sometimes people use money for good.)

I Tim. 6:10