MaKiNg FuN of MoM

MaKiNg FuN of MoM

My friend, Mindy, decided to post blog pictures of herself without make-up or photoshopping. It’s powerful…but you may also think, “If I looked like Mindy, I would do it too.” I know what you mean. I often look like a gekko when I wake up in the morning. Especially when I haven’t had a cup of coffee.

Enjoy this post from Momma Mindy’s Moments.

Hair: Sometimes You Just Need a New Crop

If you’re old enough, you may remember that the 1980’s were the Big Hair Days.  We used to backcomb our hair way up to the ceiling.  Then we sprayed it with sticky hair spray – about a can per washing.  Texas was the Big Hair State, and Texans had the special ability to tease their…

Body Image: Starring The Lips

Some people are born with full, beautiful lips.  But not Rebecca. She always had thin little lipettes until today.  They used to just sit on her face, but now they had their own reality show. Every so often I had to force my eyes up to meet hers, as mine kept getting hung up on…