Bulimia, Abuse, and Drinking: One Woman’s Story

When my friend Candy and I went on a hike, she told me that she had struggled with bulimia from her late teens until her early thirties.  Now in her early fifties, I invited her to share her story. She graciously told me she would be honored to share the story if it would help…

Body Image: How to Develop a Healthy Body Image

By now, if you have been following this blog for long, you understand that issues with food, weight, and body image are much more about your heart and your story than food and weight.  Let me say it again:  It is NOT about food!  It is about your heart and your story.  Until you work…

Confessions of a Purging Flunky

Why do women often start purging after the rejection of a boyfriend? Learn how to fight the Body Image Bandit and embrace who you are.

7 Ways to Protect Your Daughter (or Son) from Eating Disorders

After her brother said she was fat, Karen (not her real name) vowed to do whatever it took to get into a pair of size 6 Calvin Klein jeans.  Most women who struggle with eating disorders remember this type of significant moment in their stories.  This vow included starving herself to the point that she…

Body Image: Making Peace with Your Body

Join me, a licensed mental health counselor, in reclaiming the plunder of the body image bandit. Together we will keep the body image bandit at bay through laughter, story, psychology, and faith.