Body Image and Media: Dandelion Whine


On my power walk today, I saw a golden clump of dandelions. I surprised myself as I noticed, for the first time, their unsurpassed beauty. Each flower looked straight up to heaven, perfectly formed and truly glorious. How could I have missed this splendor that makes my heart sing? Why have I called dandelions “weeds “my whole life?

After stopping to admire the dandelions, I thought about how their poor reputation reminds me of poor body image gnawing at the souls of women in developed countries. The rose is known for its beauty and is the gold standard for flowers. But the dandelion is considered a weed.

I wondered if the dandelion is considered a beautiful flower in some countries. I remember meeting a beautiful young woman who had recently moved from Uganda to Seattle.

She was shocked that she had been approached on three occasions for modeling work. In Uganda she was considered too thin, and often wore several layers of clothing to avoid getting teased.

She was a dandelion  a weed, in Uganda. But in America, she suddenly was elevated to rose status.

Are you a rose, a dandelion ,or a lilac? Do you have the courage to live life to its fullest, embracing the tasks God has created you to do? We are not all roses, dandelions, or lilacs. God has created too many varieties of flowers to count.

Instead of whining because you feel like a dandelion, what if you could remember your unsurpassed beauty and begin to discover your true gifts, talents, and passions? Only then can you tap into the reason you are here, and live out your true calling.

When we stop whining and begin singing, we can be content with our God-given bodies, and get on board with what he has planned for us. You are God’s creation – a masterpiece and it’s time to begin living instead of drowning in despair from a loud culture that says you are a weed if you aren’t a rose.

So turn off the whining and enter into the story for which you were created, whether you’re a rose, a dandelion, or some other glorious creation.